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SLACKER: Fall 2011 Audio/Video Recap

Last quarter, I had the insane idea that I would attempt to learn how do audio and video / become a semi-PJ kid. Well, here is how it turned out. Enjoy! Jason Licht explores life beyond the chair


SLACKER: Pork and Boobs

A semi- recent trip to Kiser’s will Ms. Priscilla. I’m telling you, they need 1/3lb pulled pork. A 1/4lb is too little, and a 1/2lb leaves me nursing a food baby for the rest of the day. Let the poops jokes ensue… T


SLACKER: Don’t F with the little guy

This was yet another tag-along trip with Priscilla. Unfortunately, it was an epic bust. The light sucked, the performers were calling it in/ assholes, and we couldn’t get closer than 75 to it. On the bright side, we got DQ afterward. T



On one my recent trips with Priscilla for her doc project on Ohio Fairs, we can across these sweet old barn. I decided to try old CS5’s built-in HDR settings. 6 exposures and  a little editing, this is what we got. It’s a little stark for my liking, but it was fun test. T


  • 20110606_PlaytimewPup_0023
  • 20110606_PlaytimewPup_0048
  • 20110606_PlaytimewPup_0053
  • 20110606_PlaytimewPup_0059
  • 20110606_PlaytimewPup_0105
  • 20110606_PlaytimewPup_0109
  • 20110606_PlaytimewPup_0136
  • 20110606_PlaytimewPup_0147
  • 20110606_PlaytimewPup_0155
  • 20110606_PlaytimewPup_0178

SLACKER: Playtime with Puppies

Yeah Yeah Yeah, I’m a slacker. This isn’t the first time and certainly won’t be the last time. Keep your eye out the slacker header in the future. I just now got around to editing some shots from  June of the last “Playtime with Puppies.” Enjoy a few adorable pups slobbering all over your face.