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Off the trail… a couple HDR images from Old Man’s Cave

It’s finally spring time. So what better way to procrastinate from studying for exams than going for a hike. Callie and her friend Sam dragged me out me out of my house today to go hiking at Old Mans Cave. Needless to say, I took the opportunity to dust of the d3. It now has […]


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Slimy Wilber

  • Athens County Demolition Derby
  • Athens County Demolition Derby
  • Athens County Demolition Derby
  • Athens County Demolition Derby
  • Athens County Demolition Derby

Athens County Demo Derby

This was my last event as an Athens NEWS employee. Thats right folks! After 4 years, I’ve moved on to a new gig. Wowzers! Anyways, this was yet another situation where I couldn’t get very close and I ended letting a friend of mine borrow my camera when his crapped out. Athens PD loved remind […]


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SLACKER: Playtime with Puppies

Yeah Yeah Yeah, I’m a slacker. This isn’t the first time and certainly won’t be the last time. Keep your eye out the slacker header in the future. I just now got around to editing some shots from ¬†June of the last “Playtime with Puppies.” Enjoy a few adorable pups slobbering all over your face.


Jackson County Fair

I tagged along with Priscilla for the Jackson County Fair. From demolition derby to rickety old carnival rides, it was a great time. Check out some of my shots for the festivities.