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MoneyBeat: Year-end Calendar

Jan. 2nd marked the publication of the WSJ’s year-ender section. My contribution was the MoneyBeat calendar that filled the whole back page. Below is the result of about a week and half of work and many cups of coffee. See the published version here



The Roberts Court

As part of the independent study this quarter, I’m doing various design pieces as practice for starting at new job in June. Below is an infographic piece I did on the Supreme Court after the recent strip search decision. It a basic introduction to the court and its dynamics. T


Little Time/ Big Demographic

Here is an ad for Priscilla’s wedding photo business that I whipped up on rather short notice. Not bad considering, huh? It supposed to run in two issues of Weddings Unveiled Magazine. Hopefully, it drums up some business for her. T


Chilling in the treehouse…with logos

I’ve been trying to come up with the some new logo ideas for a new up-in-coming media production company. It’s just a draft  and still needs some major work, but I’m digging the nerd glasses theme. I guess we’ll see how this evolves.



Wired_3D, originally uploaded by ttwyatt. 1st draft of my wired magazine cover for class