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MoneyBeat: Year-end Calendar

Jan. 2nd marked the publication of the WSJ’s year-ender section. My contribution was the MoneyBeat calendar that filled the whole back page. Below is the result of about a week and half of work and many cups of coffee. See the published version here



The Roberts Court

As part of the independent study this quarter, I’m doing various design pieces as practice for starting at new job in June. Below is an infographic piece I did on the Supreme Court after the recent strip search decision. It a basic introduction to the court and its dynamics. T


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Off the trail… a couple HDR images from Old Man’s Cave

It’s finally spring time. So what better way to procrastinate from studying for exams than going for a hike. Callie and her friend Sam dragged me out me out of my house today to go hiking at Old Mans Cave. Needless to say, I took the opportunity to dust of the d3. It now has […]



Wounded: head edition

For those not intimately acquainted with the top of my head, I’ve had a rather large bump on the top of it for as long as I can remember. Yesterday, that changed. I’m now the proud owner of a bump-free head. Unfortunately, that also entailed a rather large incision and bald spot. Normally, I wouldn’t […]


SLACKER: Fall 2011 Audio/Video Recap

Last quarter, I had the insane idea that I would attempt to learn how do audio and video / become a semi-PJ kid. Well, here is how it turned out. Enjoy! Jason Licht explores life beyond the chair


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Louisville Interview

Wednesday, I had an interview down in Louisville for a features designer position at Gannett’s new design hub. It was a pretty great experience. I got to meet a ton of really nice and talented creatives, including my friend Alyse. Now lets see if I get the gig or not. Wish me luck! Here are […]



First Party Of The Year: The Aftermath

Aside from the heat, I’m pleased to say that our first official party of the year was success. It seems like we have a pretty nice bunch of first years coming in. Aside from a few scrapes with the Romanians, they all seem to be adapting well to Athens. From the look of my recycling […]